Everyone, Irish and non-Irish, is welcome to the Queens College Irish Studies program, where we offer a rich variety of interdisciplinary courses and sponsor a series of talks and events related to Ireland’s past and present. Our mission is to bring greater awareness of Irish history, literature, music, society, and language to students and the public, and to forge greater understanding of Ireland’s contribution to the world. But the program and the college are also uniquely situated in a borough that has been profoundly shaped by Irish immigrant communities, with Queens serving as one of the most important entry points for their introduction to America. As a program, we are very conscious of this legacy, and devoted to outreach and the building of connections between students, the public, the college, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the borough of Queens.

If you are a student, we offer an Irish Studies minor that allows you to choose from courses that include Irish history, the Irish language, literature, film, archaeology, folklore, theater and dance, and politics. Older, non-matriculating students are welcome in our classes too. Study abroad programs and internships are also available, as is the opportunity to gain training and experience as an interviewer of the Irish and Irish-Americans of Queens, as part of our ambitious oral history project. The program therefore provides an excellent opportunity to gain a deep and well-rounded knowledge of Ireland, particularly if you are a student of literature, history, sociology, anthropology, or political science, and wish to apply those subjects to a country that richly abounds in all.