Requirement: 18 Credits


One choice from among the following introductory courses (3 credits):

ENGL 366. Introduction to Irish Literature

HIST 230. Ireland from the Norman Conquest to 1690

Two choices from among the following Social Science courses (6 credits): 

IRST 103. The Irish in America

ANTH 247. Archaeology of Ireland

HIST 229. Politics and Religion in Early Modern England and Ireland

HIST 231. Ireland since 1690

HIST 304. Northern Ireland since 1968

HIST 352. History of the Celtic World

Two choices from among the following Language and Literature Courses(6 credits):

IRST 101, 102. Elementary Irish 1 and 2

ENGL 365. Celtic Myth and Literature

ENGL 367. Modern Irish Literature

ENGL 368W. Irish Writers

In special circumstances and with the approval of the director, one appropriate department or Special Studies course not listed above may be offered in fulfillment of this requirement. For example, the Senior Seminar ENGL 391W, when the topic is Joyce, or ENGL 385, when the topic is Irish Drama in Context, would be acceptable.

One choice from among the following advanced courses (3 credits):

 IRST 390. Advanced Seminar in Irish Studies

 IRST 391. Memory and Place