An Exploration of Irish Traditional Music Around The Globe

No music prerequisites or knowledge required!

IRST 390 (Advanced Seminar in Irish History)

Wednesdays, 4:30-7:20

Instructor: Colin Harte, PhD

Course Description: this class will investigate various ways Irish traditional music and other related musics are produced and consumed in people’s everyday lives within a number of cultural and geographical regions. Students will develop listening skills, learn key musical features, and study cultural and historical contexts for making music. This is a hybrid class that features both in-class and online instruction and thus students will be expected to participate in both areas. Students will also have several opportunities for a hands-on experience with dancing, singing, and/or playing instruments in the classroom. There will be a few guest speakers coming to class throughout the semester. This course also introduces the discipline of ethnomusicology and asks students to apply basic theory and methodologies towards the creation of a final fieldwork project. Students will be working on a chosen topic in groups and present a final result in the form of a video or podcast. Both musicians and non-musicians are encouraged to enroll. There are no prerequisite music classes needed in order to take this class.